Select The 3D Crystal Gift Crystal Shape That Matches Your Style

Select The 3D Crystal Gift Crystal Shape That Matches Your Style

What's the best part? The best part? It takes only 2 minutes to place an order for 3D Crystal Gift.

Or so you think.

You still have to make one important decision. Which crystal shape would best suit their style?

3D Crystal Gift strives to offer a wide range of custom crystal options. Because we believe every person is unique, our collection allows anyone to create a personal keepsake as beautiful as their photos. Five distinct crystal designs are available in our online shop. Each one is designed to display your 3D image entirely differently.

How do you choose the right 3D crystal for your photo? We'll give you some guidance in this post. We all know that great variety can also come with great responsibility. Or something similar.

First, think about the shape of your photo. It is not the same shape as your photo. We always remove background from photos uploaded to 3D Crystal Gift unless you specify otherwise. This allows the photo's subject to take center stage in your crystal. Your photo will be 3D in shape.

For a moment, imagine that your background is gone. What shape can you see in your silhouette? Do you see a full-body shot or a long one? A large image shows the entire family together. You can narrow your options by determining the shape of your subject.

Once you have eliminated any crystal shapes that do not fit your 3D image composition, you can now move to the next stage of the decision-making process. Which crystal best represents the person in your photograph?

Each of our crystal shapes is unique and has its character. You'll need to think about who you are buying the crystal shape for and what aspects of their personality you would like to highlight. What would you call them? What are their personality types? What are their hobbies? What are their favorite ways to express themselves? These questions will help you choose a crystal that best reflects your personality.

Below are some key characteristics of each crystal shape and its personality traits. To find the right crystal for you, read through each description!

These examples are only an example. Two people can look at the same object and feel different things. Your crystal keepsake's most important component is the 3D photo inside. If you choose a meaningful picture, your gift will be appreciated.

If you are having difficulty choosing a crystal, this guide may assist. These descriptions were a lot of fun to write. We hope you enjoy choosing the right crystal shape for your photo.

Elegant And Classic: 3D Crystal Portrait

You are one of those people who seems to have everything figured out. Your wardrobe is filled with timeless staples, so you always look polished. You are open-minded and can meet people wherever they are.

Your eloquence, effortless style, and approachability instantly make people feel at ease. Because you are a skilled reader and make polite conversations, significant others feel at ease bringing you along to family events or work events.

The 3D Crystal Portrait is the crystal that best reflects your natural charm and natural congeniality. This crystal shape blends seamlessly into any decor and is a simple piece that will never go out of fashion. It can be easily adapted to fit any image by changing the orientation from portrait to landscape. It's one reason why it's so popular!

Down-To-Earth And Fun: 3D Crystal Landscape

The moment is what you live in. You love going on wild adventures with friends. But it is not the destination that matters. Your success is not measured by your wealth or accomplishments but by the quality of your interactions and experiences with others.

You'd find tons of photos from travel and funny group shots if someone looked through your Instagram. Because you never know where you'll end up once you get there, you almost always wear a casual outfit that you can dress up or down.

Our 3D Crystal Landscape is the perfect place to find your carefree, fun-loving personality. The simple, casual shape allows the image to speak for itself. This keepsake can display photos from various backpacking and road trips.

Romantic And Old-Fashioned: 3D Crystal Heart

True love is something that some people give up on. But not you. This is why you see the same romantic, black-and-white movies repeatedly - even if you aren't reading your favorite fairy tales.

Although you may live in the modern age, your dream is to ride a bike through a rural European village while enjoying a delicious loaf of freshly baked bread in your basket. Some people may say that you are too optimistic, but it is possible to have a little bit of your imagination.

You treasure the beauty of simple things and want to surround yourself with them. Our 3D Crystal Heart has a nostalgic look that adds some sentimental charm to your most precious memories.

Modern And Elegant: 3D Crystal Diamond

You're always on the cutting edge of technology, news, and fashion trends. You are drawn to bright, open spaces that encourage visionary thinking. You enjoy the experimental and often attend lectures and performances by contemporary artists and thinkers. You might even be able to help create the future because you may have a job or passion project that allows you to use your forward-thinking imagination.

The 3D Crystal Diamond crystal shape reflects your pioneering spirit. This avant-garde art piece is boldly on its edge. Just as you are always at the forefront of innovation, too does this.

Artistic And Unique: 3D Crystal Prestige

Your bold style is often praised. Many people tell you your bold style inspires them. It's not about being praised or noticed. It's been a lifelong journey that you have forged, for good or bad, which has made you confident, strong, and self-confident. You value authenticity and self-expression, which is why visual art, poetry, music, and music appeal to you.

Your photos are a reflection of your efforts to create your aesthetic. You want something as complex and beautiful as you when choosing the shape of your photo crystal. The 3D Crystal Prestige has a unique shape that adds energy and movement to your 3D image.

Have you found a crystal shape that matches the personality of your photograph? We are glad you did. The fun part is now: personalization! To get started, select a 3D crystal. Check out our shop for more crystal gifts.

We have great blog content coming your way next week. So stay tuned!

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