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Your soul, your heart, and your fingernails all make up a one-of-a-kind, exquisitely crafted, crystal heart. Personalize your home or desk with lasting love, memory, or expression of gratitude by engraving loved ones' photos into molten lava in the 3D heart-shaped base.

"My love for you is like this shining diamond." It's a gift for people who appreciate a partner's efforts and selflessness, careful attention to detail, and kind acts. The perfect present for Valentine's Day or a part of the wedding album.

Give us the best photo you’ve got. A professional designer will portrait your memory like a work of art and professionally remove the background. You can keep the background, if you want, just let us know in the order note on cart page. This option includes only 3D crystals.

For illustration purposes only, please specify your desired image inside the crystal and click the save button. Our expert designers will work on your original image and may fit the layout or image positioning (crop, scale, or rotate) to perform the best looking crystal.


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Size Guide
For better results, please select the appropriate size for the number of people in your photo. If the limit is exceeded, the order might be put on hold to avoid producing a product of low quality. Our design team will contact to you within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) to proceed with the order.
If you have text you'd like to engrave on your crystal, enter it below. If you just want your photo alone on the crystal, leave this blank.
Monotype Corsiva
Script Mt Bold
Add Led Base (Optional)
Why Get a Led Base?

An LED Light Base lets you see your 3D image in enhanced detail, bringing your precious memories to life with unique features such as motion and color-changing lights.

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3D Crystal Gift is your ultimate source for customized laser etched photo crystals. Whether it's a present for a special occasion or simply a happy moment that you want to remember, we have many options for an souvenir-quality gift guaranteed to last forever. 3D crystal gifts for every occasions - Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Holiday Season, Graduation, and Memorial. Find the perfect present for your Spouse, Parents, Grandparents, Family, Father, Mother, And even for Couples, Friends, Loved Ones, and Pet Owners.

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