Led Light Base Small

$54.00 $59.00

Make the 3D Crystal sculptures into a masterpiece with the small Led Base. It comes in four colors (white, red, green and blue) The small LED light base creates a stunning display of colors and creates a mood that is ideal for any setting. Make the beauty of your 3D Crystal to life! This small Led Base is ideal for any shelf, desk, or mantel. With the small Led base to 3D Crystal, you can take pleasure in the stunning elegance of these crystals without having to worry about it.

It is possible to enhance the magic that is your memories even more by improving your 3D crystal photo display using our multi-color premium small LED light base. It will add an extra dimension to your crystal memories. All the finer details of your photo will be lit up and displayed as a 3D image!

✓ 4.0” x 3.0” x 1.2”
✓ Black finish on a high-quality wood base.
✓ White and color LEDs (RGB).
✓ Modes of steady and color-changing lighting.
✓ You may use with batteries or the provided USB cable to power your Small LED Light Base.

Fits The Following Crystals:
■ Small Landscape
■ Medium Landscape
■ Small Portrait
■ Medium Portrait
■ Large - Portrait
♥ Small Heart
♥ Medium Heart
♥ Large Heart
♦ Small Diamond
♦ Medium Diamond
♦ Large Diamond
♠ Small Prestige
♠ Medium Prestige
♠ Large Prestige