The Best Gifts And Toys Ideas For The 11-Year-Old Girls Of 2022

The Best Gifts And Toys Ideas For The 11-Year-Old Girls Of 2022

Do you find shopping for an item for a teenager one of the toughest age groups to purchase for? If you're not a child however, if you are not yet an adult, the choices aren't easy to choose. Take a look and here are our top choices of the most appropriate gifts for 11-year-old girls.

Girls of this age are the most difficult puzzle to solve. In one moment, they'll be talking about their hopes and dreams with you, but the next they will have only a few words. Finding out what they are looking for or desire is not an easy task.

Let's review the various things you need to think about when selecting an appropriate present for your preteen girl, and we'll give you our top 50 picks.

What To Consider As A Present For An 11-Year-Old Girl

In the process of finding her identity, a girl of this age is only beginning to get fascinated by the beauty regimens that will begin when she gets older. Products such as lip balms Spa bathing products as well as accessories for nails and hair could be high on their list of essentials. Make sure you check with your parents to determine about what is acceptable.

Making her own personalizations to her possessions and making claims could be a way to show her uniqueness. Perhaps gifts with her initials will make her feel special.

At the age of 11, girls are also beginning to realize that there could be many ways to solve the problem. Gray areas start to appear after only black and white. Gifts that challenge her thinking, such as STEM and educational products can help her solve problems and keep her focus (1).

Books are another great option since she'll be able connect to the books that she is interested in. Although it's true that you'll never be able to avoid the screen completely however, books are an ideal alternative. Art and craft are excellent options to keep your mind with curiosity.

Then there are the technological gadgets as well as the new trends in collectibles. Find out the latest trends and impress the girl with what she has to offer.

The Top Gift Ideas For 11-Year-Old Girls In 2022

Here are our top gifts for girls.

Our Pick: Personalized 3D Crystal Heart

Growing up can be a challenge! This is a great way to let the children in your life know that you are satisfied with the person they're becoming. 3D Crystal Heart turns a image of an unforgettable moment or accomplishment into a stunning 3D display. This keepsake that is personalized is more valuable over any trophy!

The Best Toys And Gifts For Girls 11 Years Old And Over In 2022

This is our top 50 suggestions of what you can buy for a girl who is 11 years old.

Electronics And Technology

Girls of this age continue to enjoy traditional toys, they'll also be interested in technology and electronics. They might have technology-related items that they own, or borrowed them from their mother, sibling, or dad. Let's look at some gadgets they would want to receive.

1. Smatlab Intelligent Circuits Games & Gadgets

The kit lets kids make their own devices and games. The components are able to be put together, and include baseboards, a microprocessor jumper wires, sound and light modules. There's a 48-page step by step guide for more than 50 projects that they can make.

They can design an enjoyable, full-tilt, baseball game or a light show for DJs or a magical message wand or electronic rooster. Once they've mastered the basics that they have learned, they can develop their own games and gadgets.

2. Fujifilm Smartphone Printer

We are living in the age of selfies and images taken on smart phones However, what happens if you need a physical photo that you can hold in your hands? This is where the printer can help. Send high-resolution photos through Wi-Fi to this tiny printer and let it convert images of high-quality.

The system uses the Polaroid film format and produces prints within 10 seconds after receiving the information. This means that there is no need to change ink cartridges or film cartridges, only your film cartridge. It also has settings that can fix issues, for instance, under or overexposure of your photographs.

3. Fire Hd 10 Tablet

Are the girls you love the tablet of her dreams? The Kindle Fire could fit the need. It's an Alexa-enabled device, which means you can listen to music, watch your favorite TV shows as well as read books and play games.

Ask Alexa questions on anything you'd like to know and just wait for her response. The tablet features an 10.1-inch high-definition HD display and with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, as well as 32GB or 64GB of internal memory. The memory can be increased by 512MB by using an SD micro card.

The battery comes with a charger and battery that can last for up to 10 hours on one charge.

4. Gopro Hero7 White

The girl in your life might appreciate receiving an GoPro. This compact, tough camera that is waterproof can record footage in high definition or snap photos with 10 megapixels. It comes with a simple touchscreen and allows users to begin right from the box.

It is ideal for taking videos on the go, thanks to its stabilization system that helps correct shakey footage. It's great if you want to record footage while skating, cycling or swimming. It even has a timer for photos which allows her to make it a point to take a group photo or take photos.

5. The Singing Machine Karaoke Systems

A lot of girls enjoy singing in a group, whether in a group, by themselves, with their family, or even with an entire group of friends. The karaoke machine takes the fun to another level with the disco lights and a great sounding microphone.

If you're singing songs that which you don't have all the lyrics to, you can connect the device up to a TV and listen to the words on the screen while singing along. If you're unsure of which songs to buy on karaoke then you can purchase the 1/8th-inch stereo cable and use it to connect to most audio devices, including iPhones or iPods. iPhones. You can perform any song you possibly want to for free.

6. Ifecco Bluetooth Headphones

Improve your daughter's music or gaming experience by using these beautiful feminine foldable Bluetooth headphones. They come with stereo-quality audio and can be connected about 10 meters from any device that is Bluetooth compatible. It is also possible to be via wire, by using the 3.5mm cable included.


I love that they come with an FM radio built-in and that they can also be used with an Micro SD or TF card for audiobooks or music. The headphones can be adjusted and come with a comfortable and comfortable design. They are also foldable to make them smaller if you're transporting them around.

7. Personalized Dibsies Creative Wonders Toy Box

Do your child complain about how dirty the room is after all her toys are cluttering up the room? Maybe she's bored of the clutter. This box for toys from Dibsies could be exactly the thing she's been looking for.

It could also be utilized as a toy container and due to its neat appearance, it can be used as a couch within her small space. There are a variety of styles to pick from and you can get it customized to suit the preferences of your child.

Clothing, Jewelry And Accesories

Hair, beauty, clothing and jewelry are beginning to become a part of a girl's 11 years old. As young girls are beginning to find their own look and exploring their looks. The gifts of jewelry and clothing are sure to be popular certain.

8. Harry Potter T-Shirt

For those who love Harry Potter, this 100 percent cotton T-shirt is the best option. No matter if they are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw There's an appropriate T-shirt. There are two stickers that come with each product to decorate your daughter's backpack or computer, or whatever else they'd like.

The T-shirts are already cut and are machine washable and tumble dried using low temperatures.

9. City Threads Girls' Leggings For Girls

Leggings are a must-have for any woman's wardrobe. They're versatile and comfy and can be styled in a variety of ways and can be worn all day for a night out or at in the comfort of your home. The City Threads leggings are good quality and are made by the U.S.

There are 25 shades to pick from to suit your girl's preferences. I love that they're produced without any toxic dyes or chemical. There's a variety of sizes. So, no matter if your child is small or tall to her age there's the right size.

10. Vera Bradley Triple Zip Hipster

Accessories are now being used by girls in this age. They may not want to carry a backpack when they go to the mall with their group or take you out to an eatery. What better way to give your own bag to carry the essentials they need to carry?

The cotton bags of Vera Bradley will make a statement. They are available in 19 different patterns They come with an interior lining made of fabric and the closure is zippered. There are three pockets with zips on the exterior.

The strap is adjustable to 56 inches. strap, so that they can carry it around their body or on their shoulder, if they want to.

11. Ugg Kids Cozy Ii Scuff Slipper

Ugg has been a top brand for quite a while for a while. If your 11-year-old wants an pair of Ugg boots however, you are concerned that they're too costly These slippers are perfect.

The pink slippers are pretty and have a the outer layer of suede, and a natural wool liner. They'll keep your feet warm and toasty when it's cold. However, allow them to breathe when they're hot. Rubber soles ensure that your child doesn't end up sliding across tile or hardwood flooring.

12. Alex As Well As Ani Turtle Bangle

Alex as well as Ani jewelry is extremely well-known. This bangle is among the many that they create and includes an adorable turtle and five Alex and Ani custom-designed charms. The bangle is created in a sustainable manner and is plated with matte silver on brass.

The reason for this turtle's story is that it is a symbol of the strength and protection needed during difficult moments. What better way can you show your support to your 11-year old through the ever-changing life now? I'm amazed that 20% of the cost of this bangle is donated to a foundation that helps young adults affected by wars around the globe.

13. Initial Pendant Necklace

The beautiful necklace is constructed out of .925 sterling silver that has been plated with platinum. The pendant has an initial so you can pick the letter that you think is appropriate to your kid. The initial is embellished with Swarovski zirconia. Their stones are cut the same manner as diamonds.

The shine will entice all girls, and you is sure to be pleased to own this gorgeous necklace. This 18 inch cable chain includes two inches of extender.

14. Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

In the future, this VSCO girl trend will wind down. But it'll take a while. For now, your 11-year old will love having a fashionable water flask, like this one to stay trendy.

The bottle is constructed of stainless steel , and is BPA and phthalate-free. It comes with straw lids and is available in a variety of colours. The mouth is wide enough to place ice cubes inside the bottle.

It's able to keep cold drinks chilled all day long, and keep hot beverages warm for as long as 12 hours. It's not cheap, however, the quality is excellent, so it's durable every year.

Arts And Crafts

As girls reach the age of 18, she will develop more strength and will be able to focus on more intricate tasks. It is possible that she will enjoy making gifts for family and friends or making things she can make herself.

15. Crayola Melt 'N Mold Factory

Nothing we've ever given to our daughter has received so much use as the Crayola Melt 'N ' Mold Factory. It's been running for a long time and produces colorful creations that include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle emblems rings, new crayons and pendants.

My daughter, along with her friends and cousins, who range between 6 and 14, enjoy creating art with this. It's so easy that parents don't have to take part. But let me say that you'll want to create your own trinket - it's actually quite enjoyable.

My daughter has created hundreds of these and has distributed them to her classmates at room events at school. She also put them in bags of goody to be used at events.

16. Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

The girls of this age are bound to start to show an interest for fashion. They might be already sporting their personal unique touches of style and flair. The Fashion Design sketchbook will let the designers play with colors and styles.

It comes with removable plastic stencils that allow them to design more than 100 distinct outfits and clothes on the 40 sketch pages that are preprinted. It will help keep the designers entertained when they come up with their own styles.

17. Kiss Naturals Diy Lip Balm Kit

Lip balm that is clear is an excellent starting point for an 11 year old girl who wants to put on lipstick. This kit contains everything she requires to create her own. There's shea butter, Safflower oil that helps moisturize, as well as beeswax beads that help to prevent the growth of bacteria.

After making, you will have 6 tubes as well as jars that you can keep the lip balm in and the labels allow you to personalize the product also. I like the fact that the ingredients are gluten-free, and there are two flavors available to pick from.

18. Klutz Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit

Many girls are enthralled by friendship bracelets, particularly in their teens, when friends are so important to them. This kit includes all the yarn, as well as the instructions for making 12 bracelets. It is possible to choose designs that are simple to make and move onto more intricate, detailed designs.

You can create patterns, like chevrons, zigzags or broken ladders. You can even include certain beads that are included. There are 10 colors of embroidery flosses. The bracelet is great because it is able to be clipped onto the book, next to the easy instructions once it's constructed.

19. Bath Bomb Making Kit

Bath bombs are an excellent method to introduce a child of 11 to the beauty of bath time. So why not allow them to design their own? This kit contains every ingredient, directions and scents needed to make 12-cupcake bath bombs.

It's 100% natural essential oils. Be sure to ensure that your kids wear the gloves provided while using them for scent. Essential oils that are pure are not meant to be applied directly to your body (2).

20. Kahootz Unicorn Mini-Rug Sewing Kit

Latching is a simple pick-up-and-put-down craft suitable for 11 year old girls. This canvas is perfect to place on their walls or as an extra-rug. In the end, who does not love unicorns?

The canvas that is cut and trimmed comes color coded and the kit includes pre-cut yarn, a lock hook tool, as well as a fully illustrated directions. I love that this project can be started and carried on at any time your child is interested in doing it. There's no pressure to complete it.

21. Prismacolor Premier Mixed Media Set

Do your child love drawing and doodle? Maybe she's a huge fan of coloring books, which are seeing a massive revival. This pencil set can provide everything she needs to draw beautiful art.

There are 48 soft core pencils to use for shading and mixing as well as 12 Verithin pencils to create sharp lines and twelve watercolor pencils. Additionally, there are six "art Stix" as well as the mini sharpener for pencils.

Outdoors And Activities

Our technologically advanced world can lead to children spending all day at a computer screen. Activities that allow them to get outside and moving could help to reduce this. This could mean taking a scooter through the neighborhood, learning how to walk on stilts or playing outdoor games.

22. Zupapa Trampoline With Enclosure Net

Do you know a girl with a lot of energy? A trampoline is an excellent opportunity to bounce it off and have fun simultaneously. Zuppa offers the trampoline that is available in three sizes 12-foot 14, 14 feet, and 15 feet.

I like the fact that this trampoline doesn't have any gaps between the mat and the spring pad. This reduces the chance of injury and increased safety. The galvanized steel frame that has an safety net as well as a ladder.

23. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

This cute pink scooter is sure to have your little girl speeding through the streets. It's constructed of aluminum of aircraft quality, which is extremely durable and comes with eight-inch urethane wheels. This scooter is designed for older children and comes with adjustable handlebars which means it will expand with them.

It also has brakes on the rear of the fender and the kickstand. It is foldable and is ideal to store it in or take it with you for camping weekends or day excursions.

24. Tachikara Volley-Lite Game Ball

Volleyball is a fantastic option for girls to get some exercise. What better way to get her a light volleyball to play with? This model from Tachikara is specifically designed for children less than the age of 12.

It's constructed of microfiber-composite leather with a bladder made of butyl. It's great to get kids interested in the fun indoor or outdoor sport , without the burden of a bigger ball. Be aware that the ball arrives inflated, which means you'll require an air compressor or pump to fill it up prior to use.

25. Starlux Games Take The Flag

This is a brand new variation of the"capture the flag" game. It's designed to be played outside in the dark, or inside without lights. The rules are easy to follow Pick your teams, draw boundaries and jails, then hide the flag (orb) and play.

The set includes 25 pieces that light up with flags, glow bracelets, along with boundary marker. There are 12 cards offering different variations of the game's basic rules such as hunters and werewolves or wizards and ghosts. I like the fact that all of the batteries required are included, meaning that the game is already played right out of the box.

26. Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

It's like volleyball with a slight difference. The set comes with a round net with foldable legs that can be placed on the floor , along with three softballs. Throw the ball off the net, and observe your opponents attempt to hold it in the air prior to throwing it back towards your back.

It is possible to adjust the net so that it will provide an increased or decreased bounce dependent on how difficult you would like playing to go. Spikeball has a life-time guarantee and will repair any broken part for free. A drawstring bag for transport as well as a rulebook come with.

27. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Nerf battles are raging between girls and boys across the country. Your 11-year-old daughter will be armed with her own Nerf weapon.

The Elite Strongarm Blaster comes with six foam darts, each with hollow tips. They are able to be fired for up to 90 feet with the gun's rapid draw and quick firing mechanism. The barrel rotates to make it easy to reload.

28. Geospace Walkaroo Extreme

Let your girl walk taller by using these stilts. They are ideal for children who are between 4-foot-6 inches to 6-foot-6 inches in height. Adjustments, ranging from 12-inches to 17-inches above the floor, are accomplished quickly and quickly.

They are light but sturdy and come with comfortable shoulder rests as well as easy-grip handles made of soft foam. These stilts are constructed of rubber and therefore ideal for indoor or outdoor use since they won't leave marks on your floors.

Games And Toys

Games and board games will never be out of style regardless of how old your children are. There are a variety of age-appropriate toys for 11-year-old girls which they will enjoy. Board games are an excellent opportunity for girls to make connections with their families or friends.

29. Lego Friends Stephanie's House

Lego has endured the test of time and is still a popular beloved after more than 70 years. The dollhouse has a lot to offer a girl of 11 years old. It is built to be an two-story home, which includes an outdoor porch, lounge and kitchen. It also has a office, the spiral staircase and bathroom bedroom and a rabbit the hutch.

There's a wide range of accessories to choose from, such as stained glass windows, furniture, kitchen appliances as well as bedroom furniture. There's even a swingchair that can be put on the patio to allow the three miniature figures to rest on.

30. Days Of Wonder Ticket To Ride

Travel across the across the U.S. with this fun board game. It's suitable for 2 to six players. I love the fact that it can take 30-60 time to enjoy.

The goal in the game is travel via train as many cities as you possibly can. You can claim routes you travel on through connecting trains. As long as the distance is, the more points you earn.

All the cards, trains score markers, all the trains, and the board map are all included, as is an instruction booklet.

31. The Card Is Not Approved By A Parent. Game

This is the kid's variation of Cards Against Humanity, which allows kids to engage with their family or friends. It's a fill in the gap game in which players select the best -- or worsegame card they have in their hands which can produce hilarious outcomes.

You can create vampire bunnies, or even leotards that take your body up in a thigh for the fair at school. We'll be honest, anything that's not parents' approved will be fun for children to play with.

32. Race Of Rubik's Race By University Games

Do you recall the Rubik's cube and how challenging it could be? The game is based on the idea of arranging colored squares the same manner. Each player is given an area of the grid, and they must match the squares of different colors which appear on the scrambler after it's shaken.

The winner is the one who is able to complete the grid scrambler with the fastest speed. I love that this game stimulates children's brains active, when they attempt to determine the best is the best way to move their pieces.

33. L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise

Is your 11-year-old daughter involved in the latest trend of buying L.O.L Dolls that surprise you? If yes, this might be the perfect gift to her. If you're not, why not start her started on her collection?

The adorable dolls are packaged in "surprise" packaging. Take off the layers and reveal clues to the doll that is contained within. The cute pink case can be used as a purse well.

The set comes with two dolls in limited editions and one Surprise pet as well as the Lil Sister Surprise, plus numerous other accessories, totaling more than 60 pieces.

34. Spin Master Perplexus Maze Game

Find the solution to the maze of Perplexus to make the silver ball reach the final destination. This sounds simple enough, but bear in mind that it's more difficult than it appears. This 3D labyrinth is full of twists and turns that you must learn before you can reach the goal you want to reach.

It has 22 inches of tracks packed with 125 obstacles to conquer. The entire track is contained within a clear plastic sphere that you can turn around in all directions.

35. Marky Sparky Magnetic Dart Board

Prepare for indoor family time with this safe for kids dart board. It's the perfect size at 16 inches, and can be put up on the door or wall. Two sets of neodymium magnets included.

Get up, aim and fire. If someone misses then don't worry they won't harm your floors, walls furniture, or even other kids. They're light and long-lasting enough to last for hours of playing or practice.

STEM And Education

Toys and games are fun however they can also be useful. Children will gain knowledge that will benefit their schooling even without knowing they're doing it. It could be coding an automated robot, or even creating one or doing science experiments, or learning about women's roles in science.

36. Sphero Bolt App-Enabled Robot

Sphero Bolt Sphero Bolt is a programmable robot ball that is sure to keep your children captivated. The ball is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Kindle the Sphero Edu app allows your child to program in three different ways. You can use scratch blocks or draw and drive or JavaScript to determine the way that Bolt does.

Thanks to its LED light-up matrix the vector images and characters are displayed. you can play games with the device. It also comes with a variety of sensors, like the gyroscope and compass as well as an accelerometer, infrared communication, and an LED sensor. The inductive charging system allows for two hours of imaginative, entertaining time.

37. Lego Mindstorms Ev3 Robot Kit

No matter if your daughter is an avid Lego enthusiast or not, this robotic kit is a great engineering programming, coding, or programming tool. There are 17 robotic designs that can be constructed and controlled using the remote supplied or the free EV3 programming application.

The robot is able to walk or talk and take aim at targets, grasp and more. There are 601 pieces including the smart EV3 brick and color, touch and infrared sensors as well as three motors with servos. You can build the cobra using lightning strikes or a six-legged insect creature with a sting on the tail, and many more.

38. Women Are In The Field Of Science

Make sure your girl knows that the that the world is hers to explore and that even what is thought to be male-dominated fields can be conquered by women. This book highlights the achievements made by 50 remarkable women who have made in the realms of science, technology engineering, math, and engineering. It tells the stories of women from the past and the present.

Informationgraphics are incorporated into the right places, and beautiful illustrations. This book can be purchased as hardcover and as an audio-CD. It's time to show your children where the girl power comes from regardless of whether you're finding the path of a rocket's trajectory to Moon, or figuring out an effective cure for a illness.

39. Snap Circuits Bric Structures

Snap circuits allow children to build with ordinary bricks to build amazing structures. They can be taught how to build a drawbridge, or illuminate an entire tower. It comes with a simple detailed, full-color manual for projects to help them think of ideas, from building a brick structure and lighting it up , to building a structure using sound and moving components.

The kit comes with 75 Bric-2-Snap adapters as well as 20 Snap Circuits components and more than 140 bricks for building. I like the fact that you can build on the projects using other bricks, for example, Lego.

40. Mindware Q-BA-Maze Stunt Set

The cube system allows you to build marble runs in a playful manner. It has 156 cubes including double-sided ones as well as 9 stunt pieces as well as 8 marble catchers as well as 30 marbles made of steel. Make a geometric form like an animal, an entire structure -- just pop the marbles inside and watch the places they end up.

There are suggestions for structures , and you could let your imagination serve as your guide. With all the options available there is no end and your marbles may not be the same every time.

41. Thames And Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

Chemistry is a lot of fun and this is an excellent beginning kit. It includes everything you need for your child to begin investigating the effects of acids and bases or to learn about how gases, solids and liquids interact with one with each other. You can witness bubbling, fizzy reactions or write messages with invisible ink.

The manual, which is 48 pages long, provides simple directions for 28 various activities. It will also explain to your child what went wrong and the reason it happened, while letting them understand the reasoning of their actions.

42. Thames & Kosmos Sensors Alive

This kit is totally different. It utilizes the science of sound, light along with heat and light to let your child have fun playing the role of an engineer in the biosphere.

Three sensors are utilized to collect information from the surrounding world. The data is then uploaded into the Android and iOS device using Bluetooth via the base station in order to build creatures and their surroundings. It is possible that low temperature readings provide her creature with lots of hair. Likewise, low-frequency readings can make it appear larger.

Continue to gather information to build habitats, feeds, and take care of your creatures and create more. If you're able to access an 3D printer, then you could even print your creature.

The Top Of The Rest

There are some presents that merit mention which weren't listed in the categories listed above. These include cosmetics, books baking, unusual gifts.

43. "Just Between Us": Mother & Daughter

Sometimes, keeping lines of communication between a mom and her daughter in tween years can be a challenge. This journal can be a wonderful opportunity for moms as well as tween girls to connect and discuss their experiences, thoughts, or even issues.

The beautiful hardcover book features illustrations, mini-quizzes and mini-games for mom and daughter and plenty of room to write in an open-ended manner. I love the fact that this journal helps girls and moms get to get to know each other's thoughts more deeply, which will help them become closer.

44. Awkward (Berrybrook Middle School)

This is the delightful humorous, funny, and occasionally difficult tale of Peppi Torres's journey through the tumultuous years in her school. After running into Jamie who whom the other girls label as an "nerd," and then falling prey to their taunts She decides to stay away from him.

The story focuses on Peppi's struggle when her art club is thrown into conflict against Jamie's club for science. What will Peppi and Jamie's bond endure when rivalries begin to develop? The third book in the series, this might be an enjoyable, yet encouraging book to read during this difficult moment.

45. E-Lope Puzzle - Money Gift Maze

There are occasions that you're unable to choose an appropriate present for your child and you want to gift them money to spend as they'd like. Perhaps they're saving to buy something for themselves and want an investment to help them with the purchase. But, putting money in an envelope or card is just boring.

This maze for money is an excellent solution. Your child must traverse the ball around it before the container with the money can be removed. She'll see it, but isn't able to access it. How amazing!

46. The Playz E-Cream Chemistry Kit For Candy

Young and old like sweets. Who wouldn't love creating her own for sharing with her peers? This kit includes everything she'll need to create chewy jelly jellies, lollipops crystal rocks, and chocolate candy.

I am impressed that this set also functions as an STEM education tool, which combines culinary science and an edible final product. The guide is colorful, packed with information and directions for 40 different experiments. The book has more than 27 different ingredients and equipment in the guide, however some typical household items may also be required.

47. Hair Chalk, Temporary Color For Hair

A part of growing older is often the desire to try out different hair colors. This kit allows your child to experiment in a safe and easy way. There are 10 vivid and bright colors for your daughter to design her own unique style.

I am impressed that these are not toxic and non-allergenic and are easily washed out with water and shampoo. Simply separate a piece of hair and apply the chalk you prefer to draw it's color. It is possible to use just one or all 10 shades to make an effect that is rainbow-like.

48. Mini Cake Pop Maker Made By Babycakes

Does your 11-year-old like cupcakes? This cupcake maker makes delicious cupcakes in only three steps. All you need to do is make the batter, pour it into the pan then close the lid and then let them cook.

No hot ovens , or filthy pans to clean. The appliance is made of non-slip material and an indicator light to indicate heating up and during use, and a security lock to keep it locked when cooking.

49. Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

Make sure your tweens are moving with this arcade style dance mat. You can choose to play the music that comes with it or download external music using Bluetooth as well as AUX. The pad is equipped with four arrows that flash to show the movement of the arrows.

There are three arcade games they can enjoy, and five difficulty levels. The volume can be adjusted while the rug is soft and sturdy.

50. Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Teenagers love playing around with hairstyles, makeup, along with nail polish. This kit allows them to practice safely that is ready for when they're old enough to get nail polish. It includes six shades of peel-off nail polish an Klutz dotting tool that is custom-designed, as well as more than 250 stencils for sticking on.

The book is a 60-page instructional book that has 25 designs across four categories. You can pick from dots pictures nails, cute things as well as stick-on stencils.

We hope you've discovered incredible gift ideas in this article to celebrate your loved one! Looking for ideas? You can always visit our blog for some ideas or go to our store that allows you to begin creating your crystals. Stay safe, be positive and visit us next week for more great content!

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