Top Toys And Gift Ideas For 12 Year-Old Girls In 2022

Top Toys And Gift Ideas For 12 Year-Old Girls In 2022

You're having a difficult to choose the right present for your daughter who is 12 years old? That's understandable. They've become young women, and buying them gifts can be just as terrifying as it is exhilarating.

They're not kids anymore However, they're not teens at all. They're stuck in the middle and you believe you have an idea of what they are looking for until you don't. This is the time when they can express their emotions better and possess the ability to process more complex thinking.

This article will outline the is important to think about and the qualities to look for in the top gifts for 12 year old girls. We also highlighted 50 gifts that cover all kinds of items, from arts and crafts to games, and everything between.

Deciding On The Best Gifts For 12 Year-Old Girls

Perhaps your child has always been shy. When she turns 12 it is time to give her more active and outdoor toys to allow her to interact with others. Before purchasing something, think about her personality and preferences in her own way.

If you're in a quandary on what she'd prefer, why not directly ask her what she would like? It's likely that she'll respond with clothing, shoes and gift card. However, she may be hesitant to say that she doesn't know and that's where we step in to help.

At this point puberty is still kicking into the mix, and she'll be conscious of her desires and desires. The way she behaves can take you off guard and she'll become more social in certain situations. She's much more adept at solving problems using reason as she was previously.

Find gifts that she can take pleasure in on her own or with her friends when she wants to. It is possible to find something that is difficult, such as playing a board game, that can also be enjoyable in the same time. Find something that is interactive and engaging, like an art kit for her to finish.

The Top Gift Ideas For 12 Year-Old Girls In 2022

Here are our top gifts for girls.

Our Pick: Personalized 3D Crystal Heart

Growing up can be a challenge! This is a great way to let the children in your life know that you are satisfied with the person they're becoming. 3D Crystal Heart turns a image of an unforgettable moment or accomplishment into a stunning 3D display. This keepsake that is personalized is more valuable over any trophy!

The Best Toys And Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls Of 2022

Here are 50 fantastic ideas for gifts for 12-year-old girls.

Electronics & Tech

While we strive to cut down on the screen, we require technology gadgets do we not? Technology is the way of the future, and our children must be aware of the technology. We've gathered a few of the gifts that will be beneficial, as well as fun to make use of.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

The Most Cool First Phone

If you are unsure if your child is ready for a smartphone to use, or not, but if are looking to bring joy on her face then this can bring it. Every girl aged 12 is looking for a new phone. The phone comes in four different colors.

The camera is amazing in this handset. Your child can snap amazing photos to remember her junior high days. It's also not large, and it's slim and light, which is great for girls of this old.

2. Anki Overdrive Thermo Expansion

Not just for boys!

If your child is interested in the excitement that comes from fast-paced cars, this may be a great present. This supercar that is driven by AI gives the most thrilling racing experience, and allows her to race against her friends.

The possibilities of expanding track length are limitless. To run a race that is interactive it is necessary to connect the cars with an mobile device. These are not normal vehicles -- they're robotics with edge-cutting capabilities ready to battle with each other.

3. Nintendo Switch Console

Gaming System

One of the unique features of Nintendo Switch is that you can play it anywhere you'd like. It's simple to connect to your TV and start playing with your buddies, just as you can change it into an portable gaming console.

The system's mobility is what makes it a fantastic present. It comes with everything you need such as the dock as well as controllers and cables.

4. Polaroid Instant Print Camera

Instant Photos

Although we live in a digital age but there is something unique when you have printed pictures. This incredible instant camera allows your daughter to instantly take pictures, regardless of the location she's in.

It is equipped with innovative zero-ink technology, as well as an exclusive vertical orientation. It lets you snap photos in an upright position as a smartphone. With six settings for photos that vary from vintage to vibrant colors, she's able to take photos based on her mood.

The bundle includes the Lithium-ion battery, a Zink Paper Starter Pack, wristband and an charging cable.

5. Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

The Ultimate Ride

Hoverboards are enjoyment to ride and this one is cleverly built with self-balancing features. EverBalance Technology makes it simple to put on and safe to ride.

With a speed of over eight miles an hour quiet motors, and a run time of as long as one hour, this is an enjoyable ride. Indoors or outdoors you can count on your 12-year-old to be awed by it.

6. Fire HD 8 Tablet With Alexa

Gadgets you need to have

Alexa is a genius at making things fast and simple. It can last up to 12 hours on battery, and 16 gigabytes of storagespace, it's the right time to buy your tween daughter a tablet.

The tablet comes with 8 inches of an impressive HD screen, 1.5GB of Ram, Dolby Audio, and a number of other features. You'll be able to access all the books, movies games, apps and music she likes at your own discretion.

7. Rotating Aurora Night Light

Peaceful Sleep

Aurora lighting is always beautiful to see, and a night spent in the evening under them will be a pleasure. Your child's 12th birthday can be the most relaxing and peaceful sleeping experience by embracing the Aurora amazing world.

It has eight different modes of light projection that you can select based the mood she is in. By tilting 45 degrees it permits light projection in various directions. The built-in speaker makes a great accessory, and with an iPod or MP3 player you can listen to relaxing music.

8. Lighting Strings For Photo Clips

To personalize her space

Girls love making their rooms unique and private spaces where they can talk chats with their friends or plot their school or even the world's, supremacy. These beautiful string lights provide a magical atmosphere to your bedroom. These lights also feature photo clips which allows them to hang the photos they love most.

You can pick the size of the lights you'll receive that is 20 30 40, 50, or 60 LED light bulbs and clips.

9. Microsoft Ps4 Minecraft Game

Games for Gamer Girl

It doesn't matter if you like it or dislike it It's a fact that Minecraft is a huge hit among girls and boys. The PlayStation 4 game is good for beginners or those who wish to explore an even bigger world than what they did with their PS3 game.

Your girl who is a gamer can explore this world Minecraft as a single player or with up to seven others.

10. Bonai Power Bank 12000mah Portable Power Bank

For Girls on the Move

This gift is sure to be one that you will love as well. Your daughter will be able to check her phone frequentlyand she won't be able to use the dead battery excuse with this. Depending on the type of phone she's using the portable charger will give 2.5 up to 4.5 charges on one charge.

It's available in various attractive and fun colors and is slim and compact enough to fit into pockets should you need to.

11. Sphero Sprk+ Educational Robot

Fun Coding Lessons

It's beyond a machine. It encourages curiosity, innovation and imagination through programming. Your child will quickly be able to code and expand the imagination of your child.

It's a learning tool that can expand her mind and help her find her individual way. It incorporates the latest technology and STEM-related activities with endless possibilities. It has a sturdy plastic shell that is UV-coated and comes with an app that is compatible with Android, Kindle, Chrome and iOS.

12. Jbl Flip 4-Waterproof Sound System

The Best Water Gift for Your Baby Baby

If your daughter loves water sports, or just spending weekends at the beach or at the nearby pool with her friends it is a necessity.

These speakers that are waterproof come in fun colors in a variety of colors. They are extremely durable, meaning they can withstand some accidental falls and be accidentally tossed around in bags. They are able to connect to smartphones or tablets. With up 12 hours of playing time, this speaker is strong enough to endure the duration of a whole day of girl-festivals.

Are you not loud enough to be a hit at your daughter's backyard party? Consider a few and they'll be able to connect to really bring the energy.

13. Samsung Chromebook 3

To Rabid Computer Users

Are you fed up with your girl's constant use of the computer's desktop? Are you sure she's ready to have a bit more freedom? This Samsung chromebook is an excellent option.

You can enjoy the capacity of up to eleven hours battery capacity to her side and comes with security features that protect against viruses and malware. It's got 4G of memory. This is sufficient even in the event that she's gaming.

Accessories, Clothing And Jewellery

If it's about clothes you may be wondering what to buy her. Do you go at what's trendy or give her something she's loved? Do girls actually love pink any more?

You could bring your daughter to the mall and request her to select. If that's not feasible Here are some ideas.

14. Satin Hair Scrunchies

For VSCO Girls

Scrunchies might seem old-fashioned to people who were child when they first became famous. But , thanks to the VSCO girl trend and the return of VSCO girl, they're getting back into fashion. This 60-pack is sure to make your VSCO girl smitten when she distributes scrunchies for all of the guys in her school she likes.

You don't need to be aware of it. Parents don't often buy their kids' fashions. Make sure you know that your child will be delighted by the colors and will appreciate this present even if she doesn't consider herself an VSCO girl.

15. These High-Quality Socks Are Over Calf Knee.

Cute Animal Socks

You can choose from six gorgeous tubes of socks that have cartoon animal themes. They include a fox panda, cat and many more. The hats will keep your child warm while fashion-forward.

They're perfect for Halloween parties or even for everyday wear. They're perfect for any season and they're trendy.

Made of top-quality cotton, they're comfortable elasticand light. They're enhanced cuffs which ensure they stay in their place.

16. Holylove Pineapple Earrings

Shiny Present

They're not only cute and affordable, they are also reasonably priced. These gorgeous pineapple earrings are an ideal present for the fashion-conscious girl in your life and she may become enthralled by these earrings. They're quite striking and could make her the focal point at the next event.

The products are safe for allergy sufferers, free of lead nickel-free, and green. They are also packaged in an elegant and durable gift box.

17. Jewelry Keeper Mermaid Jewelry Box

Treasure Chest

Every girl should have an organizer for their blingy things. This one is perfect for any jewelry that your daughter might own. It's made from fiberboard and has a feminine designs which means it's beautiful and long-lasting in the same time.

It has three compartments of different sizes to store all kinds of jewelry from earrings to watches.

18. Weirdo Best Friends Necklaces

For Girls Who Do Not Like Traditional Jewelry

A piece jewelry that is geared towards the weirdos out there. This set of best friends necklaces will surely bring the smile of someone who sees herself as an outcast who is loved by everyone or isn't keen to fit in with the norm.

If your girl is proud in being unique or different, she and her friends will wear these necklaces with pride.

19. A Pinwheel Pendant Making Kit

DIY Jewelry

You don't need to buy ready-made necklaces. Instead, purchase a kit for your daughter and let her make her own. You can create unique pendant necklaces which could be the talk of her acquaintances. Kit contains of more than 200 designs for her to pick from.

You can inspire her creativity no matter if you're raising jewelry designers. This kit also comes with eight pendants in various designs as well as eight glass covers 8 chains, glue, and directions.

STEM And Educational Gifts

Educational and STEM games and toys develop and promote the ability to think critically, solve problems planning, as well as organizational abilities. These toys open up the world of engineering, science, technology and math even at an early age.

To find the perfect STEM gift, take into consideration the different levels of challenges with clear directions, and whether supervision by an adult is required.

20. Lego Ideas Ship In A Bottle

Awe-inspiring Kit for Building

This Lego kit is an ultimate ship-in a-bottle building kit. It has 962 pieces, and includes mast, cannons the crow's nest, captain's quarters, flag, and sails. The cork in the bottle can be built too and the girl is able to secure her ship inside it.

It also comes with an instruction booklet that will make the process simpler for her. Once she's finished, she's able to display her work with the stand that has the nameplate.

21. Imaginefun Circuit Maze Logic Game

The Electric Marvel Game Electric Marvel Game

Electrical engineers who are passionate about their work will be amazed by this game. The circuit maze utilizes real circuits in order to create an experience that is spooky for your loved ones. It has 60 challenges that vary from beginner to advanced.

It will improve her ability to think critically and plan and logic while she learns about how electricity works. It also has clear directions that make it simple to master.

22. National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

Geographic Learning Fun

For girls who love to be shiny can be appealing. By using this rock tumbling set made by National Geographic, your 12-year-old can transform rocks from rough to shining. It could be a thrilling project that will be a lot of fun.

You'll be able to own her own stunning gemstone collection. Even better, she can utilize the jewelry fastener included to make her own jewelry. The kit includes Tumbling equipment and a reference guide. It also includes stones and grit.

23. Create Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Fun Anyone?

With this scary science kit, you'll be able to build your own zombie apocalypse-themed planter. Every piece resembles a related feature, like eyes, brains, and zombie plant.

The kit comes with everything you require to construct your own terrarium with a zombie theme. All you have to do is include water! The gardener will enjoy planting creepy seeds, tending to the garden and watering the soil and watching the plants develop.

It also has a huge viewing window, so that she can see the plant's growth without being in danger of living in the horrors of the house!

24. Passport To Culture Game

Aspiring Globetrotters Unify

This is an original game of travel that takes players around the globe to teach them about different traditions. The questions are about greetings, people foods drinks, customs, tradition, and culture.

Test your child's knowledge of culture by asking six questions and 48 different culture scenarios. Each question will help her learn something new or help reinforce what she already knows.

Arts & Crafts

There are many benefits associated from arts and crafts projects that begin with fostering the creative process. Children are able to improve their physical and social development, as well as fine motor skills as well being able to use their hands.

Art can be a way to express yourself, boosts memory, and encourages creativity and flexibility. Additionally is that it improves the ability to make decisions.

25. Crayola Fashion Superstar Coloring Kit

For Fashion Designers

This stylish kit blends classic coloring and app-based design. If you're aware well that your daughter is a lover of all things design-related it's a great kit for inspiration. You can play around using colored pencils "SuperTip" markers, and an art book.

When she's done making dresses, skirts or dresses you can share them online , by scanning them with the application. She'll be able to create her own virtual closet with hundreds of fashion-forward combinations. It's accessible on iOS as well as Android devices.

26. Temporary Hair Color

Colorful Hair, Anyone?

The girl's hair is always her most cherished possession. Every girl, no matter their age, are enthralled by gorgeous hair. This kit can make it even better than. It has 12 vibrant colors of washable chalk and scented to leave hair smelling great.

If you're concerned about getting it wrong, guidelines are given. The possibilities of color combinations are endless, and girls are able to express imagination and individuality. They are easily removed when washing your hair using normal shampoo, water and.

27. 4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

Kit for hands-on creative use

If your child is longing to master the basics of crocheting she might like this kit. The kit includes two crochet hooks as well as a needle that is made of plastic and seven different yarns.

The supplies provided will be enough to get her started with just three things. Pick a coaster belt, handbag or placemat. Also included is an instruction manual to make the process easier.

28. Alex Super Mani-Pedi Party Kit

Cute Nails Galore

If you want to experience a complete spa treatment, a mani-pedi party kit is the perfect present. It comes with 88 nail accessories which she can use to create stunning nail designs. It comes with five nail polish colors as well as four different glitter colors and various nail accessories.

This can be an ideal activity for a party for 12 year old girls, where they can collaborate with her peers. They can create their own creations that are unique and have lots of fun doing it. You can invite her to bring an identical kit to sleepovers and they'll be awestruck by it.

29. Mozart Origami Set

Traditional Japanese Art

Origami has always been a delightful and enjoyable Japanese art. This set includes designs that are one-sided with one side patterned with a plain surface. The combination creates stunning designs.

It contains 120 pieces of visually appealing designs which range from fruity geometric and floral. Your child can create dragons, animals and cranes, as well as roses, and many more. All that could hinder her is her imagination.

Games And Toys

There's more to toys and games other than the enjoyment they bring to kids. Children learn through play and they are the tools that help them to understand who they are and what's around them.

Games let kids be social with others, to learn to work as teams, and learn how to collaborate. Essential lessons, like respect, cooperation and patience, can be acquired through games.

30. Blokus Strategy Game By Mattel

Top Strategy Game

It's a tough but exciting strategy game that you and your child can play playing with your family or friends. It's also competitive since it has multiple players and each player must defend their own territory.

The players must stop their opponents strategically. All 21 pieces must be put onto the game board. The player with the smallest number of pieces left takes the lead in the game.

31. Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

Interactive Party Game

This is a fantastic board game. It involves choosing one of the cards, then listening to it and recording two possible answers that your pals might come up with. Girls in this age group can enjoy themselves playing with their pals when they attempt to answer the questions.

The box includes hundreds of category-specific cards. They also come with scores sheets and an instruction card and an 15-second timer. It's a game that is multi-generational and which you can play together.

32. The Card Is Not Approved By A Parent. Game

Hilarious Card Game

This is a fun game for families that is not just attention-grabbing. It's simple to master and comes with 455 cards of the highest quality. The players can play as wild as they'd like, without getting into trouble.

This could be a great game for her to have a great time with her friends. It will help them expand their imagination and imagination by playing with some wild comedy. It's small enough to carry to camping, parties and road journeys.

33. Mindware The Unbored Mindware Capsule

Something for the Future Self

Human nature is to remember and laugh about the past. What better way to give your child the opportunity to save some memories that will bring a smile on her face?

The kit comes with an index to the field which she can use to document her hobbies, favourite games, and the crazy things you did together with your favorite friend. She could also record the day that you saw her eating all of your chocolates or wearing your favorite lipstick.

It also comes with a variety of accessories that can help you record the precious memories. She can write about activities she enjoys with her buddies or the present that her dad bought her on her birthday. Things that we do every day we don't think about can create memories that last forever.

Outdoors & Activities

Outdoor activities are engaging enjoyable, entertaining, and most than all else, they aid in helping children remain active and physically fit. There are many dangers associated from too much screen time and nobody wants to become couch potato. We have the perfect items to inspire her to go outside.

34. Trendy Hydro Flask

Practical, but cute and trendy

Outdoor activities aren't complete without a stylish, yet functional water bottle. Hydro flasks are renowned for their high-end quality. They're also made for outdoors and will hold hot and cold drinks within the same temperatures for at most 12 hours.

We like that stainless steel bottles are available in a range of vibrant colours. They also feature an exterior coating which makes them more comfortable to hold. And, how perfect is that 32 oz bottle? It's perfect for any backpack.

35. Legit Camping Double Hammock

Multipurpose Gift

When you're twelve it is common for girls to are enthusiastic about group activities, including festival, hiking, camping or just visiting the beach. This gorgeous parachute hammock in turquoise and violet isn't just lightweight, but is also portable enough to bring with you. There are other colors available.

It's constructed of a tough nylon fabric that's comfy to lay back and relax. It can also be used in the backyard if she's looking to unwind and listen to music or read an ebook. All the equipment is included for setting up.

36. Flybold Slackline Kit

Walking on a tightrope

The enjoyment that comes with the sport of slacklining is unquestionable. Children can be extremely competitive in this game sport, and you can be sure that your child's 12-year-old will adore it. It's a fun backyard game that can increase her endurance and speed.

It will also assist in improving your posture, coordination and balance. It's easy to put together and comes with an illustrated guidebook. It's a sport of competition to see who can go the longest distance or maintain the highest balance.

It comes with the main line as well as a training line with ratchets, tree guards and a bag to carry. The walking line measures length 57 feet and can carry 300 pounds.

37. Gofloats Unicorn Pool Float Party Tube

Lazy Day Gift

There are days when you would like to lounge at the beach and relax. Kids love it too, making this the perfect present. It will be nice to relax those summer days.

The huge unicorn float will be the envy of all her colleagues. It's simple to inflate and deflate and is made from top quality material.

38. Play Platoon Premium Outdoor Ring Toss

Synergetic Fun

Traditional games will never go out of style Ring toss is among those games. This kit includes eight rope rings as well as eight plastic rings and a sturdy wooden base and bag. The base comes with screws-in pegs to mark points.

It's a great game that helps kids channel their physical and mental energy. It aids in improving concentration as well as teaches children how important it is to complete what you begin. The girl will also be able to develop social skills as she discovers the importance of team spirit.

39. The Nerf Dude Bow Signature

Shoot a few Arrows

After watching the movie Princess Merida and the rest of the movie, all your daughter could be looking for to present her on her birthday is an archery bow. If your 12-year-old dreamed of the day when she'll be able to make the perfect bow shots then this may be a good present.

This bow can be quite massive It's not a problem becoming quickly The bow includes two arrows. The arrows produce an eerie sound, which enhances the experience to be amazing.

40. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Summer Water Craze

Kayaking can be a great outdoor activity that your child could really enjoy with parents or grandparents. The inflatable kayak has an ergonomic cockpit that is designed for comfort , and I-beam flooring to increase stability.

The cargo net on the front is ideal for storing any extra equipment as well as the grip lines provide security. It includes an aluminum oar, repair patch as well as a manual hand pump.

41. Variable Skipping Ropes

Fun Exercise Method to Workout

Skipping is a great method to stay active and get in nature. It comes in two packs that are bright green and pink colors. These ropes can be adjusted from 6 feet at 9, which makes them ideal for different levels.

The soft foam handles make them easy to grip and comfortable. There's a chance you'll be able to recall memorable memories from the playground when you have this option and so, why not take her to the gym while you're there mommy.

It's The Best Of Everything Else

We've included all the gifts that did not have a place in the categories listed above. Girls in this age group are entering the teen years, and a bit of everything could be appreciated.

42. "The Book Of What If

Answers to Never-Ending, Unending Questions

What would happen if we were living in floating cities? What if broccoli tasted like chocolate? These are just a few questions you will be able to answer in this book.

It will answer all the odd possible questions that your child could ask you. Naturally, we will never know the respond to So why not gift her a book that will? It will encourage thinking skills and curiosity The sidebars will help them to expand their research by providing additional knowledge.

43. Small Backpack Purse For Small Bags

The Most Practical Present

On road trips or outings with companions, your 12-year old girl is likely to need to carry her personal belongings. This is the ideal bag for her. It's a mini travel bag that is lightweight and suitable to travel with, or for daily use.

It's designed with waterproof polyester to guarantee security. It also has drawstrings to ensure closure. It also comes with an internal pocket and a side zipper pocket. You can pick from a variety of stylish designs and colors to pick from.

44. Small Spaces

To get a spooky Read

A book so amazing that the 12-year-old girl in your house wants to read it once she's finished? This is what occurred in my home when I read this book.

Darkly terrifying paranormal novels are popular right now for girls in junior high and this one from Katherine Arden is fantastic. My daughter who likes to read but doesn't really enjoy books could not put this book down.

45. The Nighttime Gardener

To get a more adult-oriented, spooky Read

For a more terrifying paranormal tale check out this novel from Jonathan Auxier. It is a haunting story of siblings who are hired by an extended family but realize their job is putting their lives in danger.

The beautiful writing and interactions with the protagonists will help your child be captivated by the story of the book. It's destined to become a classic that you'll want to read again and possibly pass on the book to their own kids one day. We're suggesting the hardcover edition.

46. National Geographic 3d Puzzles

Are you a fan of solving puzzles?

Puzzles are always enjoyable, and incredibly satisfying to work on. It is a great puzzle to solve. National Geographic Taj Mahal kit includes 87 pieces connected to form Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal building.

The kit promotes the ability to think logically, use hands-on and perseverance to finish an extremely well-known monuments. It includes the National Geographic booklet that features details from the past of The Taj Mahal. There are no tools, scissors or glue are required.

47. Butterfly Craze Floor Lounger

Plush Floor Lounge

Soft and luxurious This cover for a lounger is ideal for napping while watching TV as well as slumber parties and reading. The covers are available in bright and vibrant shades and are easy to maintain.

The cover is all you need and you can use your own pillows for filling it. Each pillow has zips and all you have to do is fill it with zips, then relax. It can be washed by machine using a gentle cycle and cool water.

48. Leather Writing Journal Notebook

An Way of Expression

At this age girls go through a roller ride of emotions, and at times it's difficult to discuss it. What better way to give her the opportunity to express herself by drawing or writing her facial expressions?

This journal is made from premium PU leather. She can customize it to whatever she'd like including a diary to photo album or notebook or organizer. It will also be a source of memories that she can cherish for years to come.

49. Blitzwolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick

For Girls who are Selfie-Obsessed

Selfies may make you mad however, your child may be a fan of them in this stage. If she's always trying to get a perfect selfie of herself or a group of friends the selfie stick might prove useful.

It is able to be set up as tripod or is able to be held using the comfy handle. It has a remote inside the selfie stick that can capture photo after picture. You might even get benefit from it during family vacations , rather than having strangers snap your photos.

50. Tetra Led Acrylic Aquarium

Caretaker's Responsibility

It's a fantastic starting kit to put in her room, in which she can monitor her fish. The tank is translucent with a stunning view of the gorgeous environment of the water.

The tank is a one-gallon size and comes with filters to keep the tank clean always. It also has an LED light as well as an easy feeding hole. It's a beautiful little habitat that is ideal for fish of all kinds, even though the fish aren't included in the kit.

We hope you've discovered incredible gift ideas in this article to celebrate your loved one! Looking for ideas? You can always visit our blog for some ideas or go to our store that allows you to begin creating your crystals. Stay safe, be positive and visit us next week for more great content!

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