Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you're in the same boat this to you, here's a suggestion to aid you in your search Make a personalized keepsake! Everyone appreciates the effort and thought that goes into a customized present. In this regard we at 3D Crystal Gift, we create various special housewarming presents, that range from 2D and 3D-engraved crystals to key chains with a photo theme. Select from our assortment of home decor items to find the ideal gift for those you love.

Some Housewarming Crystal Gifts We Offer

3D Crystal Gift uses unique software and laser etching techniques to transform images into stunning crystal designs. Selecting only the finest quality of crystal We create a variety of pieces designed to commemorate life's milestones.

Here are a few examples of amazing housewarming gifts that we can come up with:


Make a fantastic photograph of your recipient and place it on the key chain with a personalized engraving. When it is attached to a key for your new home is a reminder of the most important things in your life. Or, you can have a photograph of your new home inscribed on a keychain and commemorate this moment in a memorable way. Any photograph that has significance for your family and friends is the perfect customized key chain.

3D Crystal Photo & Light Bases

To make something that's large enough to be placed on a mantelpiece or bookshelf, we provide individual crystal pieces. Select from a variety of sizes and shapes such as a diamond, rectangle or heart. And then, have your favorite photograph engraved on the piece and create a keepsake that is guaranteed to bring smiles. Perhaps you'll mark the home your friends recently left with a customized crystal that's engraved with the home's photograph and address. Maybe you'll give them a photo of their new home. Anything from vacation pictures to wedding pictures can be an ideal gift, according to what the recipient likes. Consider what would like to have and turn the photo into a lasting treasure.

The Appeal of These Great Housewarming Gifts

Photo crystals are a type of home decor items that will last for years. Contrary to paper photographs that fade and deteriorate over time, crystals remain beautiful for a lifetime. The eyes of a person's will light up over joy upon discovering one of their most precious memories immortalized on crystal. 3D Crystal Gift uses beautiful optical crystal, free of impurities, and able to sparkle when polished.

For placing your order for the perfect crystal housewarming gift Simply upload a picture on our site and select the kind of gift you'd like to receive. Visit our shop to learn more!

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