Led Light Base Medium


Change those 3D Crystal sculptures into a masterpiece using the medium Led Base. It comes in four colors (white, red, green and blue) The medium LED light will create a mesmerizing display of colors and create a mood that is suitable for any environment. It will bring your 3D Crystal to life! This excellent medium Led Base For can be used on any desk, shelf, or mantel. With a medium Led base that is compatible with 3D Crystal, you can now enjoy the splendor of these crystals, without the hassle.

You can enhance the magic that is your memories even more by improving your 3D crystal photo display using our multi-color medium LED light base. This adds extra flair to your crystalline memory. Plus, all the finer elements in your photograph will be lit up and displayed as a 3D photo!

✓ 6.0” x 4” x 2”
✓ White and color LEDs (RGB).
✓ Modes of steady and color-changing lighting.
✓ You may use with batteries or the provided USB cable to power your Medium LED Light Base.
✓ Black finish on a high-quality wood base.

Fits The Following Crystals:

■ Large - Landscape
■ XL - Landscape
■ XL - Portrait
■ 2XL - Portrait
■ 3XL - Portrait
▋ Medium - Serrated
▋ Large - Serrated


SAVE $-69